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How to Make a Duck Tape Pouch with a Zipper

We were ready for a Fresh Start with Finances and the envelope system we’ve heard so much about, from Dave Ramsey, was calling our name. We needed something more than just plain envelopes though. Something colorful, exciting, new, and different! I opened the craft cupboard and there it was, Duck Tape left over from creating Duck Tape wallets! Challenge accepted! I had fun creating a Duck Tape pouch with a zipper. So much fun, in fact, that I made seven Duck Tape pouches! They are just the perfect size for money!

How to Make a Duck Tape Pouch with a Zipper

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How To Make A Duck Tape Pouch With A Zipper

I’ve been getting a lot of use out of my Fiskars 24X36 inch Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat lately. It is perfect for this job!

  1. Place a 7 inch zipper right side up,  with zipper pull on the left side. Line the center of the zipper on a cutting mat line.
Zipper for a duck tape pouch.

2. Use decorative Duck tape (I used Mickey Mouse from Hobby Lobby but you can also purchase it here) and cut two one inch lengths to reinforce the ends of the zipper.

Zipper for Duck Tape pouch.

3. Place a 9 inch piece of Duck tape over the edge of the zipper and reinforcement tape.

Duck Tape Zipper Pouch Zipper Reinforcement

4. Overlap another piece on the 4 inch line.

Duck Tape Pouch - Adding Duck Tape

5. Repeat on the other side of the zipper.

Adding Duck Tape to the other side of the zipper.
Outside Of Duck Tape Zipper Pouch

6. Flip your work over and repeat the same steps on the opposite side, overlapping tape.

Adding reinforcement to the inside of the Duck Tape Pouch
Adhering Duck Tape For The Inside Of The Duck Tape Zipper Pouch
Placing Duck Tape for the inside of the Zipper Pouch.

You have now created Duck tape material!

7. Flip back to the front side and trim the sides to eight inches, using an acrylic ruler and rotary cutter.

Trim the ends of the Duck Tape Pouch

8. Fold in half at the zipper and trim the bottom edge to 4 inches (if needed).

Fold the Duck Tape Pouch in half, with the zipper at the top.

9. Cut an additional eight inch strip and attach this strip to the bottom of the pouch leaving half exposed.

Attach an additional piece of Duck Tape to the bottom, with half exposed.

10. Fold exposed half up, sticky side up, and attach it to the second side of the pouch.

Adhering the inside bottom of the Duck Tape Pouch.
Duck Tape Zipper Pouch with inside attached.
Duck Tape Zippered Pouch waiting for outside trim.

This will create a smooth finish inside, preventing a sticky bottom that money will adhere to.

11. Trim the ends.

12. Cut an additional 9 inch length of Duck tape and cut it in half, lengthwise.

Cut Duck Tape in half, lengthwise, to create trim for the Duck Tape Zipper Pouch.

13. Place half of one strip of tape at the bottom of the pouch.

Adhering the bottom of the Duck Tape Zipper Pouch.

14. Flip pouch over and fold the remaining tape up.

Placing Trim on the bottom of the Zipper Pouch.
Trim placed on the bottom of the Zipper Pouch.

15. Trim.

Trim the bottom trim of the Zipper Pouch.

16. Cut the remaining 9 inch strip in two and attach to each end.

Add trim to the sides of the Zipper Pouch.
Add edge trim to the Duck Tape Zipper Pouch.

17. Trim the excess.

Trim the edge trim on the Zipper Pouch.
Duck Tape Zipper Pouch with trim.

18. Create a clear pocket by placing two pieces of clear packing tape back to back (over four inches wide).

Create a clear pocket with packing tape.

19. Cut a piece of Duck tape a little over four inches and then cut it into fourths, lengthwise.

Duck Tape cut into fourths, lengthwise.

20. Place one piece on the bottom of the clear packing tape half on, half off.

Place one piece of Duck Tape on the bottom of the packing tape, half on, half off.

21. Place the second piece at the top edge of the clear packing tape half on, half off.

22. Trim the sides to make your pocket four inches wide.

Trim the sides of your clear pocket.

23. Pull top piece back and fold it over the clear tape, lining up with the edge on the front. This will create a pocket lip.

Fold top trim piece over the back to create a pocket lip.

24. Place the remaining two Duck tape pieces on each end of the pocket (half on, half off) and trim.

Add side trim pieces to clear pocket.

It is helpful to use a business card to determine where the ends should be placed.

Trim the clear pocket trim.

25. Pull the pocket off the cutting mat and center it on the front of the pouch.

Duck Tape Zipper Pouch with a clear pocket.

Inside of pouch.

Inside view of the Duck Tape Zippered Pouch.

The final dimensions of the Duck tape pouch will be 4″ x 8″.

Are these duck tape pouches with a zipper awesome, or what? I’m loving them!

Finished Duck Tape Zipper Pouches.

The Duck tape pouch with a zipper takes the Envelope System to a whole new level!

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A Fresh Start with Finances! - Sunshine and Rainy Days

Thursday 30th of April 2015

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Ree Klein

Wednesday 8th of October 2014

I love these! I had a bunch of zipper pouches made (with windows) and sell them on my site. But this is a really clever way to make your own!

Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

Be happy, healthy and wealthy ~ Ree

Sunshine and Rainy Days

Wednesday 8th of October 2014

Thank you so much for stopping by Ree! I'm off to look for the pouches you sell! What a great idea!

CharPower© (@CharPower)

Wednesday 9th of July 2014

What an awesome idea. I think this would be a wonder project for my niece and I to do together.

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