House Sitter Printable

Are you heading out of town and wondering what type of information you should leave for the house sitter? We have you covered with the House Sitter Printable!

Sure, you can do a walk through with your house sitter and let them take their own notes OR you could print the House Sitter Information Printable and know you have left pertinent information in writing!

A day into our last road trip I had my car keys in hand and realized I hadn’t left the mailbox key. I had given the house sitter our mailbox number and written out where to place the mail but I hadn’t left the key. Ugh!

House Sitter Information Sheet

House Sitter 411 is a one page PDF that prompts you for the information you need to leave for your house sitter.

House Sitter 411 Provides Space For:

  • contact info
  • emergency contact
  • security system info
  • garbage day info
  • mail info
  • when to water plants – Check here for tips on how to keep your plants alive while on vacation.
  • vacation dates
  • WIFI password
  • spare key location
  • normal house sounds
  • notes

How To Use The House Sitter 411

  • Fill out the House Sitter 411 before your house sitter arrives.
  • Go over the House Sitter Information Printable with your house sitter.
  • Leave the House Sitter 411 on the counter or on the refrigerator.

The House Sitter Information Printable will prompt you to go over pertinent information that you may have missed otherwise. It will also remind you of the information you need to leave. Just don’t forget to leave those keys!

Get Your House Sitter Printable Here

Buy the House Sitter 411, on its own, or included in the House Sitter Handbook!

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