Dress Up Party Themes For Adults That Will Make You Want To Throw A Party!

Dress up parties are always a fun time. There are so many different, creative dress up party themes for adults out there it is hard to choose just one. I’ve curated a list of some of the most popular I’ve heard of. They are a great time for any adult party, and make having a good time that much easier.

An [Insert Name Here] Party

One popular dress up theme for any party is dress like a certain name party. For example, “an Adam party,” would entail everyone dressing like a famous Adam. Likely, you’ll have a bunch of Adam Sandlers running around the party having a good time. These parties usually work best when you choose a generic name, that a lot of famous people have, like Jennifer, John, or Ryan. You can also choose a specific person everyone should dress as, if the person is iconic enough.

Different Eras of [Insert Famous Person Here] Party

Similar to the [Insert Name Here] party, this one involves dressing up as someone else. This time you choose one famous person who has been around for a while, like Cher, Meryl Streep, Adam Sandler, etc. Everyone chooses their favorite iconic look of that person and dresses up as it.

Dress Like a Childhood Photo Party

Everyone at the party chooses a photo of themselves as a child. Usually between the ages of 0 and 10. Each person then prints out the photo and tries their best to recreate it. It adds a bit of nostalgia to any dress up party and is a great conversation starter for people who don’t know each other. They can swap stories about their childhood photos and appreciate each others outfit. For the more competitive, it can be turned into a game. Everyone votes on which person dressed the most accurately to their childhood photo. At the end of the night, whoever has the most votes wins something.

Twin Party

No, not everyone at a twin party is required to have a real life twin. A twin party just involves everyone pairing up, and each pair dressing the same. There can be a theme for the overall party or you can let each pair run with their own idea. If you choose a theme, it can be iconic twins from a movie/tv, each pair dresses as a different decade, etc. With no theme, each pair can just dress as they please (as long as they match!!).

White Lies Party

This is a favorite amongst the younger crowd. Especially easy for the budget conscious, all it involves is a white tee and sharpie. Each person gets a white tee and then sharpies a white lie about themselves on it. It can be innocent or raunchy, whatever the person desires. Something as simple as “I don’t have a sugar addiction” or even “I don’t like dogs”. Of course, depending on the type of party, it can get more interesting from there.

Dress Like Your Type Party

Another popular one amongst the younger generations, a dress like your type party is exactly as it sounds. When dating or just looking at the general population, are you drawn to a specific type? Does it happen time and time again? Do all your ex’s look similar? If so, generate an outfit that encapsulates your type and all that makes them your type and wear it to a dress like your type party. These types of parties are supposed to be fun and lighthearted. Close friends can laugh at each other and compare how different each others types are.

I hope you were inspired by some of the dress up party themes for adults I listed in this post. There are so many more out there but these are some of the funnest, and most popular, out there. Now go out, choose a theme and have some fun!

Dress up party themes for adults.

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