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11 Ways Apartment Life Has Saved Us Money

Apartment Life is not our end game but it has been a great temporary solution while we look for our next house to call home! Although our rent is more than the mortgage we had on our home, apartment life has saved us money!

There’s No Room For Stuff!

We are living small in our apartment and there just isn’t room for any more stuff! That InstaPot I’ve been dreaming of? It would have to live on the counter. Shoes? There’s already a pile by the door. Furniture? Forget about it!

If you have no room for stuff, you won’t buy stuff!

We Have A Make Do Attitude

Seriously folks! You can almost see through our towels and did I mention the shoes piled by the door? We could certainly remedy the situation with new towels and a shoe rack but NOPE! We are making do with what we have because we want to buy new when we move into a house!

Apartment Buildings with the words: 11 Ways Apartment Life Saves Money

There Is Nothing To Upgrade

No need for home improvements when you live in a rental! The hardwood floors you are yearning for or those shiny new appliances aren’t going to happen here!

No Repairs To Worry About

Leaky toilet? Call maintenance! Hot water heater issues? Not my problem!

The only repairs we need to worry about around here are those on our cars!

Yard Work Is A Thing Of The Past (for now)

My heart sank a little when I saw the fun yard supplies at Costco. Then, I quickly realized there is a plus side to no yard! No yard means no money to keep up said yard!

Don’t get me wrong, we totally miss our cinder block raised garden beds. Fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, potatoes, strawberries, etc. I LOVED walking outside to pick fresh strawberries for my salad. We grew pumpkins from seed. I made our own tomato sauce! Alas, there will be no garden this year.

No soil to buy or garden beds to expand means no money spent!

Gym Memberships

Although my husband and I still pay for a gym membership, our two teenagers can work out in our very own apartment complex gym! No need to pay an extra gym fee considering they don’t work out more than once a week anyway!

No Phone Line

We opted to drop the phone line when we took on Apartment Life! Our cell phones are working just fine!

Cable Is Cheaper

We got in on a deal and are paying half for cable and internet than we did in our home. This might have something to do with the fact there are two viable internet options here.

No Garbage Limit

Remember those days you try your best to cram your garbage in the trash can so the lid closes snug? You know if that lid pops, the garbage man will assess an extra fee! Not so in apartment life! There’s a dumpster here! We can throw away our trash without paying an extra fee!

Set Amount For Water

Since water is a set amount charged by the apartment complex, I don’t have to ration! Not that we ever did but hey, when the teenagers take two showers a day and laundry is a daily chore, I’m thrilled it doesn’t affect our pocketbook!

Minimal Bills

Garbage, water, and sewer are added on to our monthly rent which leaves just a few other monthly bills (cell phone, electric, cable, rental insurance, car insurance).

Apartment Life is a simple life! A simple life affords us the opportunity to save money for our future home! BUT, before you get all excited, let me share the ways apartment life has cost us MORE. Yes, it’s true. You CAN save money when you live the apartment life but there are ways you also lose money. Surprising ways.

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  1. Your posts are so much fun Jayleen! You really get down to the nitty gritty. It really is hard to beat all of the ease of apartment living. I look SO forward to that next post! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Kay! You’re the BEST! There is a lot of ease in apartment living. Of course, there are also the times where you have to act like a bunny hopping around messes neighbors have spilled all over the stairs. Ahem! It was actually kind of fun watching Blake trying to skip over the mess when he went to work the other morning! Ha! I laughed until I had to traverse the mess.

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