One Simple Trick To Save Money

Steve came home from work last week and said the air in his truck would only work on high. Grrreeeaaat! The good news was, it wasn’t an emergency. An inconvenience, sure, but not an emergency. Windows need defrosting? Turn that baby on high long enough to get the job done. Feeling chilly? Turn it on until you’re sweltering, turn it off until you’re chilly again. No problem! After all, we are trying our best to save money! What’s a minor inconvenience?

Unfortunately, his radio doesn’t work either. That’s been an inconvenience for a few years now after he tried to help a lady out by jumping her car and ended up frying his battery and stereo system, instead.

After a while, it may feel like everything is broken!

Is it necessary to live with inconveniences when you’re trying to save money? Perhaps it is. Perhaps, you can fix it yourself!

Because Steve was so successful fixing our dryer and oven, a few short weeks ago, we decided to see if it would be feasible to try his hand on his truck too!

Amazingly enough, there are so many AWESOME PEOPLE in this world that are willing to help through YouTube!

Piggy Bank with piles of coins and the words: Save Money With This One Simple Trick.

Save Money With YouTube!

Yes! YouTube has saved our bacon more than once this month!

A simple Google search lead us to a guy on YouTube showing the exact steps to take to replace the blower motor resistor. Oh no, we didn’t know what was wrong or the parts we would need but simply typing in the words: air stuck on high Dodge Dakota 2004 led us to our answer.

YouTube, thirty minutes, and $9.84 for a new blower motor resistor and we are in business!

Out of curiosity, we called our local Dodge dealership to ask how much it would cost to replace the blower motor resister and the quote was $140.48. Whoa!

140.48 – 9.84 = 130.64

That’s a $130.64 savings!

We were so ecstatic we decided to go out to dinner to celebrate and spend the savings. Just kidding! In reality, the $9.84 came out of our expendables fund for the month.

Now, let’s be clear. You may not be able to fix everything yourself (I’m looking at you, dishwasher) but chances are, if you’re having an issue, someone else might be too. Hopefully that someone else will be kind enough to show you what to do!

Steve dealt with the inconvenience of air that only worked on high, for less than a week. There are inconveniences we can live with, ahem, washing dishes by hand, but we’re happy to DIY everything we can!

It’s really quite satisfying to do it yourself!

Check YouTube to see if YOU can fix those minor inconveniences, you’ve been living with, in order to save money.

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