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Household Money Buckets – A Reflection Of Money Spent

We believe in keeping money matters simple around here! Our Income and Expense Printables help us do just that. Once in a while, we like to geek out about our money and where it’s going. We do that by creating Household Money Buckets and calculating the percentage of each one.

The Household Money Buckets printable lets us know where we’re on track and where we can improve!

Household Money Buckets - Printables

Recently, I came across Dave Ramsey’s Monthly Cash Flow Plan and tweaked it to make sense for our own finances. It helps me to think of our money categories as buckets. Housing, utilities, transportation, expendables, charity, savings, debts, and medical.

Of course, it would be way too much work, for this simple girl, to fill out these worksheets each and every month so, instead, I use it as a reflection of our financial year!

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Household Money Bucket Supplies

  • Printer
  • Paper
  • Household Money Bucket Printables – found below
  • Income and Expenses for the year
  • Pen

How To Use The Household Money Bucket Printables

Warning: The Household Money Buckets Worksheets are ONLY for those of us who truly geek out about money. It’s not a necessary step. It is simply a tool to measure the percentage of each category in our spending plan and evaluate how we stack up.

  1. Print the Household Money Buckets Printable – found below.
  2. Go through your Expense Sheet and add each category for every month of the year. For example, add your electric bill from each column, January – December, for the total amount you paid for electricity for the year. If you don’t use our Income and Expense Sheets, go through your files or online banking and add your electric bills for the year.
  3. Write that number next to Electricity under the Utilities Bucket.
  4. Continue through every category that pertains to you and your finances.
  5. Once all buckets are completed, calculate the total for each bucket, and record it in the Total box.
  6. Next, use your Income Sheet to add all take-home pay for the year.
  7. Record your total take-home pay in the Take-Home Pay box.
  8. Do the calculation as shown on the Household Money Buckets sheet to determine the percentage that particular bucket uses of your take-home pay. For example, if your take-home pay for the year is $60,000 and you paid $5,000 in your utilities bucket, your annual utilities percentage is 8.33%.
  9. How do you stack up? The percentages, used as guidelines, are very loose and partially adapted from Dave Ramsey’s Cash Flow Plan, referenced above.

The Money Bucket Printable is an excellent way to reflect on the past year to see where your money went!

Of course, you may choose to use the Household Money Buckets each and every month. You may choose to do an average of the year to come up with a monthly percentage. There are many ways you can make these printables work for YOU!

Get Your Household Money Buckets Printables Here!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.