You’ve Been EGGED!

A super fun thing just happened! The doorbell rang but no one was there. Instead, there was a paper egg stuck to our front door telling us we’ve been egged. Oh my! Sounds bad at first, right? I can just imagine the yolk drooling down the garage door. Bring back any high school memories?

No worries though. It was a FUN egging!

The kind of egging that actually gets the teenagers off their electronics to run out and find eggs that a mystery friend has left in our yard. Easter For Teenagers is still fun!

There were 12 eggs filled with coins, candy, and, wait for it, one was empty. The empty egg was a reminder of Jesus’ empty tomb.

He is Risen!


What a fun way to bring joy to friends and family!

So fun, in fact, that we wanted to share the joy.

You’ve Been Egged!

Consider yourself egged by us here at Sunshine and Rainy Days! Now don’t go running around your yard looking for eggs filled with money and candy because, really, that didn’t just happen. We are simply encouraging you to spread the egging joy!

If you would like to do some egging yourself, print this PDF, cut it out, and egg away!

You've Been EggedJust click the image above to print!

What in the world do eggs have to do with Easter? Check out this article to learn a little more.

Happy Easter!

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