Who Is Most Like A Leprechaun St. Patrick’s Day Game

In this fun Who Is Most Like A Leprechaun game, you’ll discover who has the most Leprechaun-like traits. You’ll receive a shiny coin if you have a Leprechaun trait that’s on a card. The person with the most coins at the end will be declared the winner! See who can out-Leprechaun the rest and take home the prize!

Who Is Most Like A Leprechaun St. Patrick's Day Game.

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Game Directions

  1. Download the Who Is Most Like A Leprechaun Game.
  2. Print and cut the game cards on card stock. You can even use a corner-rounder on the cards to make them look official. Use just the Leprechaun traits you like best. 
  3. Purchase fake gold coins. You will need a LOT of coins (depending on how many guests you’ll have). I recommend having on hand 18 coins for each guest in attendance. Alternatively, you may choose to use large four-leaf clovers cut out of green paper, Rolos, or circles cut from yellow card stock.
  4. Award the winner a prize! (Ideas below)

Game Rules

The rules are simple and participants will enjoy how it sets the stage for a fun and friendly competition. May the most Leprechaun-like individual win!

  1. Take turns reading the Who Is Most Like A Leprechaun Cards.
  2. Each person with the Leprechaun trait on the card gets a gold coin.
  3. The person with the most gold coins, at the end, is the MOST like a Leprechaun!

Leprechaun Traits

The following are the Leprechaun traits on the cards. Don’t want to buy the game? No worries! You can read the traits right from this page. Just be sure to have gold coins ready for guests to collect!

  1. Are you wearing green?
  2. Do you have red hair?
  3. Are you wearing a belt?
  4. Is your Birthday in March?
  5. Do you have a beard?
  6. Do you have an L, U, C, K, or Y in your first name?
  7. Do you have coins in your pocket?
  8. Are you wearing something gold?
  9. Do you like to dance?
  10. Did you wear a hat today?
  11. Are you the shortest member of your family?
  12. Do you like Lucky Charms?
  13. Have you pinched someone for not wearing green today?
  14. Have you ever been to a St. Patrick’s Day Parade?
  15. Are your eyes green?
  16. Do you like to spend time alone?
  17. Did you eat something green today?
  18. Are you wearing black shoes?
  19. Are you under five feet tall?
  20. Have you been to Ireland?
  21. Have you ever found a four-leaf clover?
  22. Are you quick and agile?
  23. Are you a little mischievous?
  24. Do you get excited when you see a rainbow?
  25. Are you wearing striped socks?
  26. Are you wearing anything with a shamrock?
  27. Have you ever won more than $5 in the lottery?
  28. Do you consider yourself lucky?
  29. Do you like to play tricks on people?
  30. Do you hoard cash?
  31. Is your favorite color green?
  32. Are you obsessed with shoes?

Get Your Who Is Most Like A Leprechaun Game Here

Game Prize Ideas

The person with the most Leprechaun traits deserves a prize fit for a mischievous champion! Here are some fun and festive prize ideas for the Who Is Most Like A Leprechaun Game:

  1. Pot of Gold: A small pot filled with chocolate gold coins or Rolos.
  2. Leprechaun Hat: A hat fit for a Leprechaun. You could even throw in a tutu for lots of laughs!
  3. A Box Full Of Green: A box or basket full of everything that makes you think of St. Patrick’s Day.
  4. Leprechaun’s Loot: Money is always a welcome prize and gold dollar coins are perfect for a Leprechaun!
  5. Lucky Charms T-Shirt or Prone To Shenanigans And Malarkey T-Shirt: A t-shirt so the winner can proudly display their Leprechaun charm.

Whether you are quick-witted, mischievous, or lucky, each trait brings you closer to uncovering who is most like a Leprechaun.

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