It all started when I knocked on a neighbor’s door and was super impressed with her porch decor! She inspired me to transform my own, very bare porch. The first step was a DIY Ladder Shelf! DIY Ladder Shelf Here’s the deal. I had been in a few gift shops and saw cute Ladder Shelves [...]

Do you have a nook begging for a Built In Desk?  Check out what we did in our own awkward little nook! DIY Floating Built In Desk And Shelves We had a nook in our daylight basement with an audio tower and ONE single piece of audio equipment. It was awkward, and never looked right, [...]

Are you ready to make your home a little Valentiney? Check out this easy DIY Valentine Banner you can print from the comfort of your home!   Valentine Banner The Valentine’s Day Banner gives you a fun way to dress up your fireplace or any other spot suitable for this festive decor! It would be [...]

This King Size Farmhouse Bed turned out better than I could’ve imagined! It did take a lot of patience, time, and even left a few bruises but, a few months out, I think I would do it all over again! A few years ago, we sold our house and temporarily moved into an apartment. In [...]

There’s a huge art niche above our stairwell that has sat empty for the last year. It looked so blah and boring but I wasn’t sure what to do with it. We aren’t into fine art or the stuff you would normally adorn an art niche with so we got creative! We started with An [...]

We have a hallway that was begging for a full length mirror! With so many spots to decorate, I’ve decided to take a DIY approach to house projects. Plus, I just love to create and build! Are you ready to learn How To Build A Mirror Frame? Woot! Woot! How To Build A Mirror Frame [...]

Are you ready to be festive this 4th of July? We’ve got an easy 4X4 Wood Crafts DIY to help you show your patriotism! The 4th of July 4 X 4 Firecrackers are fun to make and will make you excited to celebrate! 4th of July 4 X 4 Firecrackers 4 X 4 Firecracker Supplies [...]

Recently, we went on an adventure to check out the latest Street of Dreams in Portland, Oregon. One thing I noticed about the homes we visited was the closet systems were custom made. A few homes had pre-made closet systems installed but most were custom and I loved them! I had to learn how to [...]

Blake asked me to make flax seed heating bags for his office staff since he is (as he said) ‘a pain in their neck’! Always the funny guy! We made flax seed heating bags for everyone in the family a few years ago and they were a big hit and definitely get used! Flax Seed [...]

You’ve decided to take the plunge into the gardening world and grow your own fruits and vegetables! But what should you grow? You visit a garden center and contemplate picking up starts that look healthy and that everyone else seems to be picking up. Then, you take pause and decide to give it a little [...]

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