The cuteness factor of little ones running around picking up plastic eggs has been left behind and our teenagers are relegated to acting all adult-like on Easter. Easter For Teenagers has shifted from egg hunts (which they are no longer welcome to attend due to their age) to parents providing the fun! Teenagers deserve good [...]

Every day you are there. Right there in that spot as close to the door as possible. You leave two car lengths in front of you just so your precious high schooler won’t have to walk any further than necessary. Your friend actually parks her car every day and stands outside your car chatting away [...]

I thought I was doing the right thing. For well over 15 years our family has had distilled water delivered to our door from a local water bottling company. It was once touted as the healthiest water to drink. Who doesn’t want healthy water? Little did we know that that very water was leaching minerals from our bodies [...]

Last year we installed one Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed. We hoped to do three but our bodies and budget gave out at one. Great news! We built the other two raised beds this year! Yay! There’s nothing quite like growing your own food and I’m anxious to get going again this year! After planting a [...]

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune disorder where the antibodies in your body attack the cells of the thyroid. Fun stuff, right? I have learned a lot about Hashimoto’s the last two years and have quite the list of supplements I take. Supplements that have been prescribed over [...]

As my 15-year-old jumped out of the car to start her day at school she asked, “can you get the laundry done today?” SAY WHAT? I replied in a harsh tone, “did you sort your laundry?”  “No, but can you at least do the lights?” I fumed on the ride back home. Justine knows perfectly well [...]

Dear Parents of My Teenagers’ Friends, We used to be the cool parents. The parents that had every snack and drink imaginable stocked. We would laugh when teenagers left our home and there wasn’t a morsel of sugar or a potato chip left in the place. After one particular sleepover, I woke up the next morning to find that [...]

A Side Hustle is a way make extra cash without quitting your day job. It’s a chance to pursue your passions without hurting your bottom line. It could also be a job you take, on the side, in order to pay for something you really want or need to pay for. Like Chiefs Season Tickets or [...]

Cleaning, organizing, and simplifying will more than likely leave you with piles of unwanted stuff. But what do you do with the stuff? The obvious choice would be to put it in a designated spot in the garage in anticipation of your next Garage Sale! When the time comes, how do you set garage sale [...]

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to give a little something to those you love. It’s a holiday without much fuss or too many expectations. That’s why I had a blast creating these Printable Valentine Pillow Boxes! They are perfect for gifting your Valentines a small gift in a snap! Really! In less than three minutes, [...]

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