Make your house seem bigger and your wallet fatter by simply getting rid of things you no longer use. After numerous garage sales and letting stuff go way too cheap, I discovered I could sell on eBay! eBay has been an excellent way to rid our house of excess stuff. Why not earn a little extra money from things you no [...]

Looking for a fun way to surprise your teenagers this Easter? How about an Easter Egg Hunt for Teenagers full of Eggstravagant puns and FUN! Easter For Teenagers is sure to be a hit with egg puns and Easter Printables! Let’s make those teenagers work Eggstra hard for their Easter Surprise! Okay, okay, I’ll stop! [...]

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you could say exactly what you’re thinking out loud? Loud enough for oblivious people to hear? I know, I know, it wouldn’t be very pretty if everyone did it, right? Oh my goodness! When we’re shopping at Costco, I sometimes wish others COULD hear my thoughts. I [...]

You’ve decided to take the plunge into the gardening world and grow your own fruits and vegetables! But what should you grow? You visit a garden center and contemplate picking up starts that look healthy and that everyone else seems to be picking up. Then, you take pause and decide to give it a little [...]

The best part of baking cookies is sneaking a little raw cookie dough, right? You know you shouldn’t because, well, raw eggs! You do anyway though because it’s just so delightful! Fear the raw egg no more and make cookie dough that was never meant for baking! Now that’s my kind of cookie dough! I [...]

So you’re on a budget and you’re sticking to it! That doesn’t mean you have to sit and stare at each other as life passes you by. Get out there and do something! (I’m preaching to the choir here.) There ARE Fun Things To Do With Teens without spending a lot. Fun Things To Do With Teens This post [...]

Create a Paper Easter Basket to give to teachers, friends, co-workers, and even your own kids! Fill them up and have fun blessing someone with an awesome treat! The Paper Easter Basket is incredibly inexpensive to make considering the impact it gives. I have even used these Paper Easter Baskets as Spring Birthday gifts by simply adding a gift card. How fun is that? How [...]

A super fun thing just happened! The doorbell rang but no one was there. Instead, there was a paper egg stuck to our front door that said you’ve been egged. Oh my! Sounds bad at first, right? I can just imagine the yolk drooling down the garage door. Bring back any high school memories? No [...]

The cuteness factor of little ones running around picking up plastic eggs has been left behind and our teenagers are relegated to acting all adult-like on Easter. Easter For Teenagers has shifted from egg hunts (which they are no longer welcome to attend due to their age) to parents providing the fun! Teenagers deserve good [...]

Every day you are there. Right there in that spot as close to the door as possible. You leave two car lengths in front of you just so your precious high schooler won’t have to walk any further than necessary. Your friend actually parks her car every day and stands outside your car chatting away [...]

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