Decisions are agonizing! What house should you buy? How big of a mortgage payment can you endure? Does the home have the right bells and whistles? Is it in the area you desire? You need a House Hunting Checklist to make your options plain as day! We found the PERFECT house for us! It's a rambler with the space we [...]

Location, location, location! That's the ticket to a successful garage sale! We have always combined forces with family and held our garage sale at a primo location just off a major highway. Alas, that location has been sold. What's a person to do? Our only option was to hold a garage sale at *gasp* OUR [...]

I've been taking it in the shorts lately when it comes to selling on eBay. Don't get me wrong, I will still use it as a tool to sell things we no longer use or need BUT I will be more judicious on what I list on eBay. There are three things you should never [...]

We are super proud of all the graduates in our lives! We have been receiving graduation announcements left and right so I decided it was time to make a plan! Graduation Card Printables were first on my list! To be completely transparent, we usually don't worry much about giving cards on special occasions. A gift with [...]

By now you've had just about every kind of Birthday Party imaginable and your Sweet 16 son or daughter may not want a big to do this time around. Really, they just want time to hang out with their friends and have a good time! No agenda, just food and opportunities! We set party time for 5:00pm [...]

Gardening is actually quite fun and rewarding but that doesn't mean you won't encounter challenges. Garden challenges are easy to overcome, and even prevent, if you know a few secrets to a healthy garden! We've learned the hard way and you can learn from our challenges! Raised Garden Beds are my thing! Not only do we [...]

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's a few years ago, my journey to health included visits to new specialists. Of course, each new specialist wanted to hear all about my medical history. They expected me to remember every prescription I've had an allergic reaction to, surgery dates, and every supplement AND dose I'm taking. Goodness Gracious! [...]

Do you want to spend your Mother's Day budget on the gift and not the card? You're in luck! Not only have we created a Mother's Day FREE Printable Notecard for you, but we have also created a Mother's Day FREE Printable Pillow Box! Woot! Woot! Are you ready for this? This post contains affiliate [...]

The Pacific Northwest is ripe with daycation possibilities. From Seattle, the Olympic Peninsula, Mount Rainier, Puget Sound, and the Skagit Valley, there's something for everyone! The Olympic Peninsula The Olympic Peninsula boasts coastline, the Olympic Mountains, and rainforests all on a large arm of land in western Washington. The Pacific Ocean lies to the west, the Strait of [...]

Just 30 miles from our humble small town in Washington State, you will find the Emerald City! Seattle was nicknamed the Emerald City because the city and surrounding areas are filled with greenery. Evergreens are prolific and lawns, shrubs, trees, grass, and moss are vibrant most of the year due to Seattle's infamous rain. When the sun shines and [...]

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