About Bridget Jo

Sunshine And Rainy Days is a place where I share our day-to-day happenings and promote Sunshine and Happiness along the way! From Holiday ideas, DIYs, and practical printables, I would love to have you join me!

Speaking of practical printables, you might want to check out my free No Soliciting sign printable! Avoid stranger danger and save yourself time and money by printing off a simple sign! Is it really that easy?

No Soliciting Sign to print at home!

You may also love the super useful Medical Binder printables! Make doctor’s visits a breeze with your very own Medical Binder full of printables that keep pertinent information at your fingertips!

Medical Binder Pages

I am the proud owner of the Sunshine And Rainy Days Shop where you’ll find printables created by me for real-life, practical uses!

Who is behind SARD?

Meet the family, the inspiration for Sunshine And Rainy Days!

Steve is an army veteran turned middle school teacher, college football coach, and currently, a middle school administrator. He’s my eye candy that can drum like nobody’s business! Steve is an amazing dad and rockstar husband!

My name is Bridget Jo! I create printables and DIYs to help you organize your life and celebrate special occasions! It’s my mission to inspire you to get creative and find joy in the everyday! I’ve always liked to craft and quickly became a DIY’er when we moved from an apartment into a large home. I knew if I wanted nice things, I would need to learn how to build them!

Justine is our daughter who has recently graduated from college! She comes off as quiet but don’t let it fool you. She’s got a witty sense of humor and is quite smart too! She is an avid reader who knows what she wants and works hard for it! You’ll even find her pictured in many of my articles because she’s got the DIY bug and is pretty good at it, too! Justine has started her own blog where she talks about college life and reviews books and movies!

Jack is 20 and music is his thing! He’s a super awesome kid, full of positivity (is that a word?), and a joy to be around! Jack plays a mean acoustic guitar and can sing too! He’s in a band called Stargazy Pie where he’s the lead vocalist and plays either acoustic or electric guitar. I might be a bit biased but this kid is talented!

That’s the family! The ones who give the spark for new content ideas, like fun things to do with teens, without spending a lot!

Fun things to do with teenagers without spending a lot.

I’ve always looked for ways to get my teenagers off the couch and away from their gadgets. It hasn’t always been easy but we’ve been successful at least a handful of times!

It has been a breeze to keep the kids’ paperwork organized with The Book Of Everything! They always know where to look when they need important information.

The Book Of Everything

I’m honored you have visited and hope you stick around for ideas, inspiration, and FUN!


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