My Favorite Blogging Resources


Blogging has been an excellent outlet for me! I have always enjoyed being a stay at home mom but have often looked for ways to exercise my mind beyond home life. It’s easy for anxiety and depression to set in when there’s nothing to focus your creativity on. Blogging has given me that something.

  • Are you looking for a way to improve your writing skills and exercise your mind?
  • Would you love an online record to the happenings in your life?
  • Could you use a little extra money? I’m not sure who would say no to that question.
  • Do you love chatting it up online and helping others?
  • Do you long for a creative way to express yourself?
  • Are you looking for a way to contribute to the world, to get out of your own four walls?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you just may be a blogger waiting to happen!

Here, I am sharing my favorite resources in the blogging world!

The blogging resources I mention are affiliate links. I would never recommend a service or product that I don’t use and trust myself. Read my disclosure for more information.

My Favorite Blogging Resources

Media Temple

Media Temple is a web host. All websites must have a host. A web host provides storage space and access for websites. Without it, your website would have no place to live. It’s like the land your house sits on.

Not all web hosts are equal. Many people will recommend web hosts who give high affiliate pay outs so be sure to do your homework!

I’ve heard horror stories of sites going down just when a post goes viral. I have to say, I have only had two instances where I’ve had to call Media Temple. On both occasions, I had tried my hand at coding. Bleck! Media Temple was able to get my site back up without delay even though it was my mistake.

I’ve also heard excellent things about Siteground and InMotion!

The Thesis Theme for WordPress

A theme is like the framework of your blog. It’s like the house with no frills or decorations.

Okay, okay, I know Genesis is all the rage with bloggers these days. I chose to go against the grain and use Thesis! After a bit of exploring, I was able to maneuver my way around this theme with no problem!

Since so many bloggers use the Genesis Framework, you will probably find information on it easier to come by.

Skin or Child Theme

The Skin (as Thesis calls it) or Child Theme (Genesis) is what makes your site pretty. It allows you to choose fonts, colors, layout, etc. It is like the decorations in your home!

I like the straightforward look of the Effectus Skin for Thesis.

Many bloggers love Restored 316 Child Themes for Genesis.

Pat Flynn has also created The Smart Passive Income Pro Theme with the Genesis Framework that is worth checking out!

StudioPress Theme of the Month
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If you have a blog, you need to collect emails from the start! ConvertKit is an email marketing tool that allows you to collect subscribers through an email subscribe box on your sidebar, opt-in forms at the end of posts, inline subscribe buttons in the middle of a post plus more!

With ConvertKit, you will be able to tag subscribers, send broadcasts (emails), automate courses, and, Oh My! The possibilities are endless!

ConvertKit charges a monthly fee which is determined by the number of subscribers you have.

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List Love

One of the MOST important things you can do for your blog is to build an email list! Jennifer Maker has the most comprehensive course you will find to skyrocket your email list!

Check out her FREE List Love Introduction To List Building here:


LIST LOVE Quick-Start Guide

The LIST LOVE Quick-Start Guide is available year round and a great asset to your blogging journey! If you are ready to invest in your email list, this is the place to start!

LIST LOVE Master Course

The LIST LOVE Master Course is only available a few times a year but you’ll want to jump on it as soon as you can get your hands on it!


G Suite

G Suite allows me to have an email address with my domain name: I also store many of my PDF Printable files in Google Drive.

Blog Stats Tracker

One thing I wish I would have done from the very beginning is track my blog statistics. Once a month is all it takes!

Get your Blog Stats Tracker here:

Understanding WordPress – How To Navigate Self-Hosted WordPress

You guys, I have been blogging for three years and learned a lot from this FREE course! I went through step by step and sighed a sigh of relief to know I have been doing many things right. I also took action on the nuts and bolts I was missing. After taking this course, I am finally confident that my blog is set on a solid foundation!

This course was simple to take and provides resources to set up your WordPress blog for success! Understanding WordPress – How To Navigate Self-Hosted WordPress is the Nuts and Bolts course you NEED to build a solid foundation.

Building a Framework

If you are interested in blogging, Building a Framework has recently been updated and is an excellent resource to help you get up and running. Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog walks you through the process step by step. No need to jump from website to website trying to put the pieces together. She’s got it all for you, right here!

I am currently in the Exclusive Building a Framework Facebook Group and, let me tell you, it’s worth a lot in and of itself. Abby and her husband, Donnie spend time in the group answering questions and interacting with the community. It’s a safe place where any question is a good question. These two are the real deal!

Learn To Blog

Kelli and Crystal teach in an easy to digest, no nonsense way! I took Conquer The Layers Of Search Engine Optimization and have successfully used the information to substantially increase page views to my site! With those increased page views, I was able to apply to an ad company that has increased my monthly income!

I’m also super interested in Cultivate. It shows you step by step how to turn your data into profits!

Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers Master Course

This course is taught by Tasha Agruso of Designer Trapped In A Lawyer’s Body. Tasha is an excellent teacher and I totally learn from her teaching style!

Social Warfare

Stop blending in with the rest of the crowd and start dominating the world’s social networks. This is the only social sharing WordPress plug-in you need.

Social Warfare allows you to get your content shared the way you want it to be shared!

Social WarFare

After using many different social share plugins, I came across Social Warfare and love it! Social Warfare makes it a breeze to add social share buttons to your site and my favorite part, drum roll please, it gives me a spot to designate social media images! No more wondering what picture is going to be pinned on Pinterest with this plugin!

I’m sure it’s happened to you. You push the button to pin a post and a gazillion pictures pop up, many of which have absolutely nothing to do with the post. You take time to find what you think must be the right one and pin it, am I right? With Social Warfare, you tell pinners exactly what image to pin!

Social Warfare is a paid plug-in and worth every penny! I’m super selective about plug-ins and Social Warfare definitely makes the cut!

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is the program I use to create Pinterest and Facebook graphics! I LOVE it because it has so much functionality without a subscription! With a one time fee, you will be on your way to creating graphics, printables, plus so much more!


With over 31 million stock photos, videos, and vectors, BigStock has something for everyone! It’s Royalty Free images are a breeze to use and help you share your blog posts in the most professional way! Use the link below to receive a FREE one week trial that allows you to upload up to five images a day! That’s 35 free images!

Bonus: BigStock stores your files for you! What does that mean? It means you can use the digital file for your pinterest pins or graphics and then trash the original file so it doesn’t take up gobs of space on your computer. Then, when you need it again, just re-download it from your media files in BigStock!


Elite Blog Academy


I started the Elite Blog Academy shortly after beginning my blog. It made a world of difference simply by giving me a heads up on best practice for everything blog. Ruth Soukup has an incredibly successful blog, Living Well Spending Less, and has been generous to share her secrets! Elite Blog Academy opens just once a year for new members so click the picture above to hear about the latest and greatest EBA has to offer!


Schedule Pinterest Pins like a pro with Tailwind! Tailwind saves time, maximizes your reach, and gives you insights of what’s working and what’s not.

Blog Finance Spreadsheets

I strongly suggest you open a bank account just for your blog! Even if you aren’t set up as a business, open a separate account in your name that is devoted to your blog finances.

Stephanie, from Six Figures Under, has created an easy way to record our blog income and expenses. She then provides a summary to pull it all together in a seamless way. Sure, you could create the forms yourself but she’s already done the work for us!



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Have you thought about starting a blog? Where do you start? What programs do you use? Here I list tried and true blogging resources to help you on your way!

There you have it! Tried and true blogging resources I personally use or have heard raves about!

It’s time to get started on your blogging journey!

What are you waiting for?