How To Build A Raised Garden Bed

There's nothing like growing your own food! A Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed is easy to build and will give you years of use! Need a tomato? Go pick one! Green beans for dinner? You got that too!

First, we laid out the cinder blocks where we wanted them.


Where the ground wasn't even we either dug a little of the grass out underneath or used a bit of sand to make the cinder blocks line up.


Next, we used painter's paper, from the paint section at Home Depot, in the bottom of our beds. Newspaper or cardboard work great too!


Then, a half yard of a compost/topsoil mix was used to fill two beds. They weren't completely full but it worked!


Finally, we planted food that we knew we would actually eat!


We built a total of three concrete block raised beds! One we built with two layers of blocks for extra height.