It’s time to get Holly and Jolly! Woot! We’ve got ideas and Christmas Printables for your Christmas Care Package! Christmas Care Package For College Students I know, I know! Your college kids will be HOME for Christmas so why send them a Christmas Care Package? Let me tell you! They’ve got a good few weeks [...]

Just because they’re in college doesn’t mean they can’t have a little Christmas Advent Calendar FUN! Christmas Advent Calendar For College Students This is not your traditional Advent Calendar with cute little boxes that fit perfectly in another box. NOPE! This Advent Calendar is an assortment of small gifts to wrap and adhere Advent Calendar Numbers [...]

Are you creating your own Advent Calendars this year? We’ve got a treat for YOU! Our Christmas Advent Calendar Numbers are here to help you number your gifts in style! Christmas Printables are an excellent resource to keep you organized and festive! Christmas Advent Calendar Numbers With my daughter away at college, I had to get creative! [...]

It’s the MOST Wonderful Time Of The Year! Did you sing that? Our Christmas Coloring Page is here to help YOU get all Holly and Jolly! Christmas Printables are an excellent resource to keep you organized and festive! Christmas Coloring Page Sit down, relax, and COLOR! That’s some of the best advice I can give you [...]

Whether your college student will be home for Thanksgiving or not, they will certainly appreciate a FUN Thanksgiving Care Package to kick off the Holiday Season! Thanksgiving Care Package For College Students We showed you How To Send College Care Packages The Smart Way and now we’re ready to share Printables and Ideas for a Thanksgiving Care [...]

The College Food And Dining Points Tracker was designed by none other than our very own college freshman! I remember the day like it was yesterday. I had saved and saved and purchased a duplex at the age of 21 and was finally living on my own. All by my lonesome with no one to [...]

Are you ready to embrace all things Thanksgiving? Our Thanksgiving Coloring Page will not only help you decorate for the Holiday but it is a great stress reliever too! Thanksgiving Printables are an excellent resource to guide you in your Thanksgiving festivities! Thanksgiving Coloring Page Take some time away from your busyness to relieve stress and [...]

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving or not, you likely need to do a little Thanksgiving shopping! Our Thanksgiving Shopping List Printable is here to encourage you to get it down on paper! Thanksgiving Shopping List Printable So … you went to the store, walked every isle, checked out, and headed home. Once there, you begin to unload [...]

My freshman college student designed this How Am I Feeling Chart and I’m thinking we could ALL use something like this! It’s NOT just for college kids! How Am I Feeling? The How Am I Feeling chart is perfect for anybody who wants to understand how they are feeling and why. Perhaps one day you [...]

Organize your pets’ records in one Pet Binder and never have to search for their paperwork again! Our Big Book Of Everything For Pets is here to help! The Big Book Of Everything For Pets – Pet Binder Our dog is a Shicon (Shihtzu-Bichon) who has hair instead of fur. That means he gets to go [...]

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