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Christmas Party Game Ideas

Christmas is at your house this year and you’re looking for Christmas Party Game Ideas that are easy to implement and don’t cost a lot to put together.

I’ve got ideas for YOU!

I put together these Christmas Games and used them at my Teenagers’ Christmas Party and for our Family Christmas Party!

They were a hit … even with the teenagers!

Christmas Party Games
Toilet Paper Snowman Game

Build A Human Snowman!

If you want to get your Christmas Party guests up and moving, this is the game for you!

Divide your party guests into teams and give each team a bag of supplies to build their own snowman.

Craziness and laugher will fill the air and THAT’s what good parties are made of!

Are you hosting Christmas this year and want to bring a bit of excitement to the crowd? The Christmas Trivia Game fits the bill! Even Mr. Grumpy Pants will want to get involved with this one so he can share his vast knowledge! Christmas Trivia Games | Christmas Trivia Printable | Christmas Trivia Games For Family | #ChristmasGames #ChristmasPrintables #SARD

Christmas Trivia

The Christmas Trivia Game is super simple for Christmas Party Hosts.

Just print, cut, and ask the questions!

You’ll find that everyone likes to belt out the answers and share their vast knowledge.

Whoever answers first, gets the card.

The person with the most trivia cards, at the end, wins a prize!

We've played Name That Song at many parties with teenagers and it seems to be a hit! With a Christmas Party coming up, we decided it was time to Christmasfy the game and dubbed it, Name That Christmas Song! Name That Song Christmas Game | Name That Christmas Song Game | Christmas Games | Christmas Printables | #ChristmasGames #ChristmasPrintables #SARD

Name That Christmas Song

This is a super fun Christmas Game that might even get your guests dancing!

Print the game, cut the cards, and play bits of each Christmas song. (I pull the songs up on YouTube.)

The person that answers correctly, first, gets the song card.

The person with the most song cards, at the end, wins a prize!

The Celebrity Name Game is fun to play at Teen Parties! It's also come to our rescue a few times when teens, who haven't seen each other in a while, need an ice-breaker. Celebrity Name Game | Party Game Ideas For Teens | #partygames #SARD

The Celebrity Name Game

The Celebrity Name Game works for just about any party and is super easy to implement!

Print and cut the cards. Each guest will write the name of a celebrity on their card and put it in a basket … or box … or whatever you have on hand.

Then, guests take turns drawing a name and trying to get others to guess who their celebrity is.

The Celebrity Name Game will have people laughing hysterically!

Elf Trivia Game Printables

Elf Trivia Christmas Game

Who doesn’t love the movie, Elf? The Elf Trivia Game will have your Christmas Party Guests, on the edge of their seat, scrambling to get the answer out before anyone else.

It will be LOUD, it will be full of energy, and it will be FUN … as long as you don’t invite a bunch of cotton-headed ninnymuggins.

Name That Tradition game cards.

Name That Tradition Christmas Game

The Name That Tradition Game is a game that anyone at your party can play! It’s easy to prepare, fun to play, and just the right length!

These Christmas Party Games will help you host the most memorable Christmas Party yet!

A party where no one awkwardly sat in the corner alone, wondering who to talk to. Nope! Your party kept guests engaged, active, and having FUN!

Dirty Santa and White Elephant with the words: Christmas Gift Exchange Games

Christmas Gift Exchange Games

If a gift exchange will be part of your Christmas Party, you have even MORE game options!

From Dirty Santa to White Elephant, we’ve got printables to throw it OVER THE TOP!

Christmas Game Prizes

With all these super exciting games, you need prizes!

But what kind of prizes?

The prizes you have on hand will depend on the guests you invite and the kind of party you host.

This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through an affiliate link, we receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Disclosure.

Here are a few prize ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

White Elephant Party Game Prizes

If you host a White Elephant Party, it would be appropriate to have funny prizes on hand!

Dirty Santa Party Game Prizes

Teenage Christmas Party Game Prizes

  • Christmas Mad Libs
  • Dollar Bills – this has been the prize of choice at our teen parties!
  • $5 Gift Card

Game Specific prizes!

Maybe you want to have prizes that relate to each game you play?

Build A Human Snowman

For this game you will need multiple prizes as they will work in teams!

Christmas Trivia

Name That Christmas Song

Celebrity Name Game

More Christmas Ideas

Christmas Printables

Gift Ideas

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.