Visions of the Easter Bunny hopping around the yard may be long gone for our teenagers but Easter For Teens is still a lot of fun! What should you put in Easter Baskets For Teens? We are here to help! Easter Baskets For Teens This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through an affiliate [...]

Something about the New Year makes me want to get organized! I’m starting with our Christmas decorations and, of course, needed some Christmas Storage Box Labels to make it exciting! Christmas Printables are super fun to create! How To Use Our Christmas Storage Box Labels This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through an [...]

I thought we had our ducks all lined up, had dotted our i’s, and crossed our t’s when my husband needed a Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea. The custodians at his school work incredibly hard and he wanted to show them appreciation. He didn’t think our 4 X 4 Snowmen would be up their alley but [...]

Along the lines of Christmas Gift Tags For Teenagers Who Know It All, we have created an ELF Gift Tags Free Printable! Yay! Write the recipient’s name on the back or keep a super secret code somewhere of who gets what! How FUN is that? ELF Gift Tags Free Printable This post contains affiliate links. [...]

After making 4 X 4 Pumpkins, we had part of a 4 X 4 left and I set out to create a 4 X 4 Snowman! I was really quite impressed with the results and suggested we make more for gifts. After all, 4X4 Wood Crafts are fun to make, easy on the budget, and [...]

Looking for a way to bring Christmas cheer? Let us show you How To Tinsel Neighbors using our You’ve Been Tinseled Printable! In the past, we have Tinseled friends’ homes but we are in a new neighborhood this year and thought it would be fun to Tinsel Neighbors! How To Tinsel Neighbors This post contains affiliate [...]

We did it! We Tinseled our Neighbors using our You’ve Been Tinseled Christmas Printable and YOU can too! What is Tinseling, you ask? Tinseling is a bit like doorbell ditching only you leave a gift in the hope to bring Christmas Cheer! You’ve Been Tinseled Printable This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through an [...]

In the case of a White Elephant Gift Exchange, gifts are typically humorous ‘gag’ gifts or gifts that have been received but the recipient no longer has a use for. These $10 White Elephant gift exchange ideas will have recipients scratching their heads in bewilderment! That’s a GOOD thing! Why is it called White Elephant? White Elephant [...]

Are you a Black Friday Shopper? Bring organization and clarity to your shopping excursion with our Black Friday Shopping List Printable! It’s our tradition to purchase the newspaper Thanksgiving morning and peruse the sales. I know, I know. Black Friday Sneak Peeks are everywhere. That’s not my jam. There’s nothing like going through the Thanksgiving newspaper [...]

The 17 year old girl has college on her mind. She’s been filling out applications, writing essays, and embracing her senior year of high school. It won’t be long until she is in a dorm room and making a life on her own for the very first time. Gift Ideas for a 17 year old [...]

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