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Get Mad To Beat Stress

¡Ay, caramba! How many conflicting things have you heard lately? Has decision making come to a halt while you sort through the mess of information?!

Fat is bad, don’t worry about sugar. Hold the phone! Sugar is as bad as crack, eat the fake stuff. Whoa! Hold up there! That fake sugar is chemical laden, carcinogenic, no good! Don’t eat sugar! Wipe it OUT of your diet for good.

Eat fat! Your body needs it! No, not THAT kind of fat. The GOOD fat! You know, avocados, butter, olive oil. We’re talkin’ REAL butter. Margarine is OUT of the picture.

Stay out of the sun! Wear sunscreen. Sunscreen has baaaad stuff in it. Make your own. Wait … the sun is good. Get out in the sun, you need the vitamin D. Hey, I’ve had melanoma. Wear long sleeves!

Take your vitamins, get your vitamins from food, JUICE!

Eat clean. No processed foods. Only whole foods. Organic. Well, at least the ‘dirty dozen’. Save money, don’t buy organic on certain foods. You know, organically grown foods are sprayed with nasty stuff too?!

No corn, it’s full of GMO’s. Forget nightshades, they’re no good for autoimmune diseases. No dairy, no gluten, no seeds!

Fluoride will prevent cavities. Fluoride is evil! Get fluoride out of our water. Only drink distilled. Hold up. Distilled will deplete your body of minerals. Drink spring water … but NOT from a plastic bottle for goodness sakes. Purchase spring water in GLASS bottles.

Shun canned goods. They have a lining that’s bad. For sure don’t buy tomatoes in a can.

Watch what you put on your skin. Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. There are toxins in your make-up, your shampoo, your soap, and your toothpaste. Make your own!

Save money, make your own laundry soap!

Dryer sheets have formaldehyde. Use wool dryer balls. Wool dryer balls don’t help static electricity and now the hubby is using lotion (gasp!) to keep his slacks from sticking. ¡Ay, caramba!

Eat onions and garlic. They’re good for you. Don’t chew gum! It’s baaad.

Salt is no good. Wait! Stay right there. You NEED salt! Iodized salt.

Throw away the non-stick pans.

Don’t stink! Wear deodorant. Hey, there’s aluminum in deodorant, a little pit paste will do ya good.

Candles have bad stuff in them, plug-ins … NO WAY! Essential oils and diffusers …. AHHHH!

Don’t let your kids on the internet! Watch their every move. Entertain them while you’re making your homemade gluten free pasta with a side of freshly made tomato sauce and pasture raised hamburger prepared in that stainless steel pan to go along with your spring water in the glass jar!

Don’t wear your phone on your body and FOR GOODNESS SAKE, DON’T COLOR YOUR HAIR!


Are you worn out yet?! Are you MAD?


I’m poking fun at myself here. The more reading we do, the more we learn, and the more we’re just too freaked out to put a single thing in our mouths and then … well, then … we die.


There are so many decisions to make that we can sometimes become immobilized. Afraid to make a move.

It’s time to get MAD to Beat Stress

Six months ago I was told I needed a crown. Oh Dear Lord Have Mercy! That is sure to mean metal in my mouth. No way, no how. I have enough in mercury fillings as it is. I gotta get rid of the metal, not add more, for goodness sake. I have Hashimoto’s Disease and mercury is not my friend. I found out that indeed, Mr. Regular Dentist does use crowns with metal but it’s a ‘good’ kind of metal.

Second opinion please. Do I REALLY need a crown?! Can’t we just fill that sucker up? Nope. No can do. BUT Mr. Second Opinion dentist has a lovely crown without metal. Score! After leaving Mr. Second Opinion, I discovered the estimate listed the cost for a post. A WHAT?! Ain’t no post, probably made of metal, going in my mouth. That cracked tooth is staying put.

Oh how I love the naturopath! She suggested a biological dentist and chelation therapy. I had read about this and was convinced it was the way to go, however, Mr. Biological dentist does NOT accept insurance. Hmmmm …. perhaps I bite the bullet and go to Mr. Second Opinion and do chelation, at the least.

I’ll just wait.

Then … someone TICKED ME OFF! It had absolutely, positively nothing to do with my mouth, but I was TICKED! I was so mad and had my dander up that I decided it was time to just get stuff done and move forward. I made the call to Mr. Second Opinion. ‘We can get you in tomorrow at 11:00.’ OH GOOD LORD HAVE MERCY! Yep! I said that to Ms. Front Desk Gal. I scheduled the appointment and called Mrs. Naturopath to find out how much this chelation therapy was going to cost.

I was to have a baseline thing done before, chelation, and then chelation again directly afterwards. Do not pass GO. Get in there right away and the cost … a mere $500 for the whole shebang. Mind you, I’ve already spent a whole heck of a lot on supplements and testing to become my own best self and my own best self was feeling well enough to say screw it!

By the way, is Mr. Second Opinion really that good if he has openings TOMORROW?! Aren’t in demand doctors booked solid for weeks at a time?!

In a last ditch effort to solidify my decision I googled ‘chelation’. Lo and behold, I found negativity surrounding chelation and that it just may not be so safe after all. SERIOUSLY?! That did it!

I marched into Mr. Second Opinion’s office completely FREAKED OUT but I did it. I got the crown, well, the temporary crown and then, two weeks later, the beautiful, metal free crown that did NOT require a metal post. Woot! Woot!

The jury is still out if choosing to forgo chelation will bite me in the butt in the future but, for now, I’m glad I got mad. Glad I got ‘er done and I don’t have to stress over it any more.

Thank you Mrs. Mad Maker! You helped me in more ways than you know!

Through this experience, I’ve learned that we can become so paralyzed in the decisions before us that we don’t realize the stress we are causing ourselves. For real! I allowed myself to be so stressed (without realizing it), that my body was freaking out. My neck was so stiff and in pain that I went in for neck massages to relieve the pressure. NECK MASSAGES, People!

The stress over food choices, personal care products, teenagers, crowns, money, health, and anything else I could find to worry about sent me packin’ to spend MORE money at the massage parlor. Oh, that sounds a little weird.

Suffice it to say, me and my new crown are trying to find balance in the yin and yang of this world. Trying to live our best selves without the worry and the stress that creeps up on you in strange forms. Letting my teenage son eat Kraft Macaroni and Cheese WITHOUT synthetic colors. It’s a big leap, folks. Lol! We’re getting there.

Do you need me to make you MAD?!


Please know that I am certainly no doctor, dentist, nurse, naturopath, financial guru, rock star or anything else you might think I am. I’m just a mom with a blog, reading too much stuff on the internet and getting freaked out! Chelation is probably an excellent thing. Sometimes we just have to make choices. Your choice should be to seek a professional for any advice!

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